"Lucy Locket lost her Pocket, Kitty Fisher Found it, 
Not a Penny was there in it, Only Ribbon round it."

The famous British poem above, written about two of King Charles II mistresses Lucy and Kitty Fisher is well known, but few know the love story and legend behind it.  Born in 1741, Catherine (Kitty) Marie Fisher was the original Glamour Girl,  famed for her beauty and outgoing personality.  


A courtesan and women of the moment, she was famous simply for being famous; desired by all who saw her and those who only read about her outrageous love affairs. Even Casanova himself reported her to be "magnificently dressed, and it is no exaggeration to say that she had on diamonds worth five hundred thousand francs." Her glamour and flamboyant fashion was great enough to take the then Kings attention away from the clearly less impressive Lucy Locket who subsequently lost her 'locket' (payment from the King).  

Despite her obvious confidence and ability to draw attention from the press, Kitty's life was far from easy.  Kitty died at the young age of 25 after only four months of marriage, asking to be buried in her favourite ball gown. Her legacy lies not only in the famous poem, but in several beautiful paintings, painted by the most famous artists of the day, capturing the most famous woman. The most known of these paintings by Joshua Reynolds still hangs in the National Portrait Gallery, depicting Kitty in her fashionable glory, accompanied by an inside joke, a kitten playing with a fishbowl, greedily leaning in to catch a gold fish.  If you look carefully enough, a crowd of faces- Kitty's admirers, can be seen on the surface of the fish bowl.  A subtle gesture to reflect an impressive woman who created a lot out of little.  

Kitty Fisher cards is inspired by the flamboyance and style of Kitty's forgotten life. Like the kitten playing with the fish bowl, we look to find hidden symbols in the illustrations with produce for brands, influencers and individuals. 

Kitty Fisher cards are designed and made by Lucy Dyer. Lucy is based in East London where she lives with her landscaper boyfriend.  Inspired by nature and romantic literature, Kitty Fisher Cards is Lucy's creation to represent the hidden emotional connections that can be enhanced though traditional letter writing and card giving.  

Lucy  spent the last ten years working in luxury fashion PR and events before rediscovering her love of nature and illustration. Her experiences in London's luxury fashion event sector means she fully appreciates the time and effort spent on events, and the need to create correspondence that represent the passion and love behind them.  

By giving a personal touch to make every card and invitation matter, Lucy works with Brands, Influencers and Individuals to help them share their love. 

Lucy is trained in Art, Art History and Calligraphy.  Contact her here to discuss your own invitation and card requirements.  

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All great love stories deserve to be told.

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Kitty Fisher Cards, Luxury invitations and bespoke illustrations designed and Printed in London. 

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